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Peer stories

    15 March         2019

21 Feb


This young lady from Singapore shares her experience of coping with generalised anxiety disorder through a combination of professional help and self-care despite the challenges of her hectic study schedule. As told to Indra Venkatram.

          Vijay Nallawala who has been running a peer support group for                                persons with Bipolar Disorder and their caregivers, talks about                                the upcoming Bipolar disorder conference in Mumbai, India and                              the value of peer support communities. 


10 Feb


Vijay Pratap Rai, who was diagnosed with psychosis, became a successful peer support specialist as he realised that by sharing his own experiences he could touch other people’s lives, especially those with mental health conditions, instill hope and happiness in them crucial to recovery. This concludes his two-part narrative of inspiration.

9 Feb


Vijay Pratap Rai, from Singapore, who was diagnosed with psychosis, recounts his anxiety-ridden journey and how he overcame mental health challenges to piece his life together as a peer support specialist. This is the first of his two-part narrative of inspiration.

3 August


Bhanu Ramchandran talks to Sunena Gupta, a young girl whose journey to overcome self-image and mental issues caused by her chronic medical condition, is an inspiration to youngsters.

29 June


Yuna Angell, who has schizophrenia, advocates it is important to be empathic and sensitive to people living with mental illness and advises how best to communicate with them.

6 June


It is often misconstrued that people with schizophrenia are being lazy when they find it hard to continue with a job. Yuna Angell, who has schizophrenia, writes about her work experience at a fast food restaurant and what happened to her there.

15 April


Jack (name changed to protect identity) is a 60 year old man in Singapore who struggled with reactive depression and is now on the way to recovery.

14 April


A year ago, Anand (name changed to protect identity) might easily have been any of the quiet pleasant young corporate professionals that one meets at work, or one of the family men that one sees with their kids in a mall. Except, behind the normalcy and everydayness of his life, was a constant mental struggle that began in his early years.

தமிழ்: உடல்நலப் பரிசோதனையால் வந்த நல்ல திருப்பம்​

Caregiver stories

6 July


Mala (not her real name) has been the primary caregiver for her brother Ram (not his real name) who has been diagnosed with schizophrenia for more than 15 years. Indra Venkatram writes about the challenges Mala faced as a sole caregiver in Singapore.

Experts' corner

27 Jan


Dr Jayaraman Hariram, Psychiatrist, Senior Consultant, Emergency Service & OCD Clinic, Singapore answers the frequently asked questions on OCD including treatment options and how to recognize if you need help.

27 June


Dr G Kandasami, Chief, National Addictions Management Service (NAMS), Singapore, gives a comprehensive overview on alcohol abuse and addiction and suggests measures to reduce addiction problems.

5 May


Laughter coach Santhanaram Jayaram talks of the benefits of laughter in the work place and how you can bring laughter into the work place to reduce stress and ease tensions. #WorldLaughterDay