22ND JUNE 2018:



On 22 June 2018, Club2Care organised an outreach event at Sri Senpaga Vinayagar Temple as part of the temple’s Free Health Talk Series. 


Our theme for the evening was Mental Health & Spirituality. Spirituality is an integral part of life for many in the Indian community, but it could seem at odds with a medical approach to mental health. Instead, we wanted to emphasise how spirituality may go hand-in-hand with mental wellness, both in maintaining mental health for those who are well, and helping those with mental illness through the journey of recovery.


Special thanks to amazing Dr Nachii and all at the Temple for collaborating with us on this event!

 Event highlights 

Our dedicated volunteers came down early and prepared to welcome the audience.

At 7.30, the event kicked off with this beautiful short film by Monochromatic Pictures, to give the audience insight into the real lived experience of mental illness. In the video, Mahita, a client with bipolar disorder, opens up about her journey with her condition. Watch the 4-minute video:

Club2Care president Dr Hariram Jayaraman began with an introduction to mental illness from a medical perspective. He took the audience through some common conditions and their typical symptoms. Because mental illness is almost always caused by a combination of factors, he also emphasised that treatment must be holistic (bio-psycho-social model).

We then invited Mr Sunil ji to speak on the topic of spirituality and mental wellness.

When a loved one is going through a difficult time, we may feel at a loss how to help them. Club2Care executive committee member and social worker Gayathri Sandrasegaran introduced us to a strengths-based approach to empowering someone facing difficulties or mental health issues. Sometimes all what we need to get through a difficult time is a reminder of what our strengths are.

Our secretary Dr Nigila Ravichandran rounded up the talks with an overview of Club2Care’s mission and plans for the year.


We concluded our session with a short Q&A session. Audience members came forward with their questions on mental health, asking why mental illness happens and why different people respond so differently to the same medication. Unfortunately, there’s a lot that we don’t yet know about mental illness, and every individual is different. But the key message from Dr Hariram was: support your loved ones always, and never give up hope.

Thank you to everyone who attended the event on a precious Friday evening. We are heartened by your enthusiastic participation! And another big thank you to Dr Nachii and all the staff at the temple for their kind invitation!

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Working to meet the mental health needs of the Indian community isn’t something any one individual or organisation can do alone. We are grateful and privileged to have strong partnerships with various organisations and our own team of dedicated volunteers. If you’d like to get involved with Club2Care, please drop us an email at club2care@gmail.com.