Potong Pasir Community Centre - Managing Stress Talk


                                            21st September 2019

Club2Care was delighted to have an opportunity to present a topic that is crucial in this fast paced society. The speaker, Dr Nigila Ravichandran is our Club2Care Volunteer and also a Psychiatrist at Institute of Mental Health. The talk was 30 minutes long and the overview of the topic is as following :

  • Various aspects of stress –  What is stress, the onset of stress

  • Its effects – How it affects our appearance, our personal and professional life.

  • Its causes – Stress is often perceived to be stressful even before you experience it! Environmental/External factors, Health issues can hinder your daily activities.

  • Symptoms – Changes in the mind and body.

  • Signs – Warning signs would trigger when the body and mind reacts differently in different situation.

  • Stress Relieving Techniques - Some of the techniques presented were as simple as meditation, exercise, yoga etc.


The talk on Stress Management was presented in Tamil and was well appreciated by of 15 -20 elderly residents of Potong Pasir.