Community Health Fair at Masjid Al–Mawaddah

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Club2Care Volunteers

Our enthusiastic Volunteer Counsellors are all experienced and well-trained mental health professionals. 6 Volunteer Counsellors and 1 General Volunteer attended the event. In total, they screened 62 participants at our Club2Care booth.

Test Administration

Mental Health Screening was made compulsory for all registered participants who attended the health fair. To screen for symptoms of depression, PHQ-9 Questionnaires were administered to all. In addition, the Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) Scale and The Mini Cog Test were administered for people over 60 years of age.


A mini-counselling session was conducted by our Volunteer Counsellors to those who requested it. After a brief assessment, participants who were deemed to require more intensive sessions were offered a referral to Club2Care for follow-up.


Co-operation with ClubHeal

We partnered with ClubHeal, another mental health organisation promoting mental wellness (in particular among the Muslim community), to set up a joint booth for this event.